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Since the beginning of 2022 we were hard at work on a new venue/location close by.

We're happy to announce that Twisted Limits Axe Throwing Lounge is now open!  You can book a lane from our home page.  Full website coming soon!

Located at 1722 N. Richmond Road in McHenry, the lounge features 12 lanes with digitally projected games on end grain targets. Multiple gameplay options are offered on boards that are easier to stick an axe!

What is an Escape Room?​

A themed, interactive scenario with clues hidden throughout that your team will need to search for, find, and piece together in order to overcome various tasks, puzzles, and challenges.

Who is this best for?

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


Ages 10-12 and up are recommended, but even younger players have participated.

The lower the average age of the group, the more appropriate an older player or two should join.

Our rooms.

*Time slots marked as "call to book" are effectively unavailable unless we can accommodate them by request.

*2 or more hours in advance on bookings is required, as we

operate based on pre-scheduled reservations.

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Mon/Tues  Appt. Only

Wed-Fri 12:00p - 10:30p

Saturday 12:00p - 10:00p

Sunday 12:00p - 5:00p


Hours based on when

bookings are available.


*facility only staffed per bookings