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What is an Escape Game?

Welcome to Northern Illinois' newest and most exciting entertainment activity - Twisted Limits Escape Rooms.

Our real-life escape adventures are designed to challenge and excite your team as you race the clock to decipher clues, and complete a series of puzzles.

With only 60 minutes, teams of 2-8 must work together, communicate, and use problem-solving skills to achieve the room's objective before time is up!

Twisted Limits will offer 3 different experiences. Each has its own unique story, setting, and characters that are waiting for you to discover.

Who is this for?


Friends & Family

An escape game is the perfect activity for a night out or special occasion. It's a great way to spend time and have fun with those you care about. Our escape rooms offer an ideal place to create lasting memories.

Coworkers & Teambuilders

Escape games are designed to encourage teamwork and communication. It's a prime opportunity for bonding, creative solutions, and working under pressure...all while having a blast!

Gamers & Puzzle Enthusiasts

Do you have the mind for solving puzzles and cracking codes? Maybe you’re a pro at online escape games? Come put your skills to the test! Our live escape game will definitely give you a challenge.


Studying demands an eye for critical thinking, and that's exactly what you will need here. Our rooms require you to examine everything around you. Fine-tune your mind in a fun and demanding environment.


Our three exciting experiences!

What are you waiting for? Book your experience before slots run out!